Artist Statement
My mother passed away when I was twelve years old, and I never wanted to experience loss like that again. Barely a young adult, I was confused and unwilling to deal with it, but I soon realized that I really did not know much about her. Over the next few years, I would create an image of her from the stories my different family members told of her. This was my first relationship with creating and understanding the importance of a portrait: it creates an idealized expression of an artist�s relationship with his subject and leaves a timeless experience about the interaction between the artist and the person.
Seventeen years later, I find myself in New York City, fascinated by the city and the different people I continually meet- in particular, the people involved in the Neo-Burlesque movement. I was attracted to the idea of capturing the performer�s attitude and confidence along with their elaborate costumes in my artwork. Each performer�s costume, dancing style, and personality seemed to be individualized. These differences unite as a string of dissimilar types of shows as the performers come together to put on shows all over the country.
Each of my paintings illustrate a combination of both my interaction with a performer from the prospective of the audience member and as the artist. Using a worm eye prospective, I create the perspective that your are viewing each performer from the crowd. As an artist, I displace the performer from her natural setting and focus on their costumes. Using that displacement, I create a different story that informs the viewer about the performer�s personality.
Going the lost of my mother, learning about the strength of portraiture, diving deeper in the neo-burlesque scene, leaves me with the drive create new works.

Kenneth Donald Browne III Born Hempstead, New York, NY 1982
Master of Fine Arts ( Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY) (2007)
Bachelor of Biological Sciences (Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD) General Biology (2005)
Bachelor of the Arts (Salisbury University) – 2-D studio (2005)
Minor: Chemistry (2005)


Can’t Hear the Revolution (Kunthalle Galapagos) Brooklyn, NY (2011)
Emerging Artist 2011(Linmer Gallery) Hudson, NY (2011)
Art as Presant (Spattered Columns) New York, NY (2010)
C’mere Kitty Kitty (Azucarera art gallery) Harlem, NY (2010)
Contemporary American Realism: 2010 (For Wayne Museum of Art) Fort Wayne, IN (2010)
From the Crowd (Bishop's Stock Gallery) Snow Hill, MD (2010) Solo
Birthright (Micheal Mut Gallery) New York, NY (2010)
Feed the Kitty (Splattered Columns) New York, NY (2010)
Interior Situations (Aeon Logic Art Gallery) Brooklyn, NY (2009) solo
Winter Group Show (Stripeman Gallery) Brooklyn, NY (2008)
Kings and Queens (Stripeman Gallery) Brooklyn, NY (2008)
Contemporary American Realism: 2008 Biennial (For Wayne Museum of Art) Fort Wayne, IN (2008)
National Small Oil Painting Show (Wichita Center for the Arts) Wichita, KS (2008) Juror Daniel Sprick
National Juried Show at Art Institute and Gallery (AI &G) Salisbury, MD (2007)
New Domestic: Evening at Stuben South gallery (thesis show), Brooklyn, NY (2007)
MFA Show at Pratt Manhattan, New York, (2007)
Qbix Magazine show, Philadelphia, PA (2006)
Art Festival at AI &G (2006 )
Annex Group Show at Annex Gallery, New York, NY (2006)
MFA First Year Show at Stuben Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2006) MFA Group Show at Stuben Gallery (2005)
Senior Art Show at Fulton Gallery, Salisbury, MD (2005)
Art festival at AI &G (2005)
Regional Show at AI&G gallery (2005)
Open Members Show at AI&G gallery (2005)
Oil painters juried show at the AI&G gallery (2004)
Modern art, juried show at the AI & G gallery (2004)


Emily Robinson Award (2005)
First place in Regional Show at AI and G gallery (2005)
Third place in Juried oil painters show at AI and G Gallery (2004)
Paintings in feature film "My Berry Nights" (2007)
Qbix fine art Magazine
(2006) Artist Spotlight in "The Daily Times"
(2005) The Daily Times exhibit review (2005)
The Daily Times exhibit review (2004)